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The Do’s and Don’ts of Bidding At Auction


Keen to attend your first auction but worried what to do? Or perhaps you're ready to buy but not sure how to go about bidding? It's far less scary than you fear, promises Phillip Arnold, auctioneer and managing director of Phillip Arnold Auctions.

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Top 5 Properties In February’s Auction


Whether you're a first-time buyer searching for a studio flat or an investor looking for premises to renovate, our forthcoming February auction has the property that could be right for you.

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Phil Arnold celebrates 100 auctions!


Our next auction on Friday 6th December will see our auctioneer and managing director Phillip Arnold receive his 100th property auction cap. Here's what he's learnt over the years...

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How To Find Your Perfect Property At Auction


Buying at auction is the quickest way to find your dream house. With most purchases completed within just one month, you can collect the keys and start planning colour schemes weeks before you would if buying through an estate agent.

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