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How to find a good builder


If youíre buying at one of our auctions, the chances are you will be buying a probate property. They tend to have belonged to older people, so they often require updating. However, if thatís not something you regularly do, finding a good builder to undertake the work is a challenge that often fills us with dread.

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Hybrid Auctions


A 'Question and Answer' session with Phillip Arnold of Phillip Arnold Auctions and Digital Munkey's property journalist, Simon Cairnes.

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Probate and Auctions


A 'Question and Answer' session with Phillip Arnold Auctions' Director of Operations, Julie Gooding and Property Journalist, Simon Cairnes.

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Guide to RICS Probate Valuations


Dealing with the complexities of probate and inheritance tax can become less stressful if you find an auctioneer who specialises in valuations in this field.

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Advantages of Selling Property at Auction


Are you looking to sell a property? You have probably investigated all of the traditional methods and have decided there is likely only one way - to go with an estate agent and hope for the best.

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