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    Thursday, 15th September 2022


Our auctions are currently via remote bidding only

The remote bidding system we have set up applies to proxy bids, telephone bids and internet bids. Our auctions are live-streamed on our website on the day so you can still feel very much involved.

Our remote bidding form can be found within this text and under each property by clicking on the Bidding Form button. The form now has 3 tick boxes as follows:-

  • Proxy: if you tick this box you will need to specify your maximum bid in writing on the form and the Auctioneer will bid on your behalf.
  • Telephone: a member of our team will call you from the auction room just before the the lot is being offered. There is no need to specify the maximum amount on the form. Please ensure you are free from 12 – 1pm as a minimum on the telephone number provided on the form.
  • Internet: you will be sent an e-mail with instructions on how to log in to the EIG website for remote bidding once the appropriate documentation and funds have been received. Once again there is no need to specify your maximum amount. Please note that if choosing to bid via internet that we cannot be held responsible for any difficulties that may occur due to the internet speed in your location.

Once you have decided which method you prefer you will need to provide the following documentation to us (via post or e-mail) to be eligible to bid for whichever method you have chosen:

  • A completed and signed remote bidding
  • CERTIFIED copies of 2 forms of ID, preferably your passport and a photocard driving licence. If you only have 1 of these then a recent utility bill or bank statement can be used as proof of address. Please read below to understand what is meant by certified. Do not just send a photocopy of your passport. It will need to be CERTIFIED.

In order for your documentation to be considered as CERTIFIED you will need to take a photocopy of your original documents and then take your originals along with the photocopy to either your solicitor, a policeman, your bank manager, a teacher or someone else who holds a position in public office, and ask them to sign the photocopy to say that it is a TRUE COPY OF THE ORIGINAL. The Post Office also offers this service for a small fee. The person certifying will need to provide their work title and full address so that they can be contacted if necessary.

Once we have received your signed remote bidding form and 2 forms of CERTIFIED ID, you will then be sent details of our client account for payment of the initial deposit and buyer’s fee totalling £2,600 per property. Without this initial deposit you will not be able to bid on the day even if you have completed a form and sent in your certified ID.

If you are unsuccessful on the day the full amount will be refunded as soon as possible after the date of auction. If you are successful you have signed the bidding form to agree that you will top up the deposit to the full 10% of the final sale price by close of business on the day of auction.

If you are sending your documentation by post you can alternatively include a blank signed cheque made payable to Phillip Arnold Auctions that will used to take the 10% deposit and buyer’s fee instead of transferring funds. The cheque will be shredded post auction if you are not successful.

Click here to download the registration form for telephone or proxy bidding.

For further details on buying at auction please click here. For further details on selling at auction please click here.