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    Thursday, 15th September 2022


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Auction Finance

We work with Together, who are well-versed in the world of auction finance.

They're a specialist lender who've been helping auction buyers to finance their purchases for 15 years. Their experts are on-hand before, during, and after the auction to answer your questions and help you arrange finance.

If you're investing in a residential or commercial property, or plot of land, speak to Together about the short-term finance you need. You can borrow up to 75%* of your purchase price and get pre-approved online in just five minutes, without affecting your credit rating.

Rates start from just 0.49% per month*, and Together pride themselves on turning around applications within your 28-day completion deadline.

How it works

Together's Auction finance is a short-term, interest-only mortgage. It's arranged quickly, and lasts for up to 12 months.

You'll have that time to arrange longer-term borrowing (like a mortgage) or sell the property on. You repay the loan in a lump sum, using either a mortgage or the proceeds of the sale. And in the meantime, you'll pay nothing more than the interest each month.

Together also offer a range of commercial mortgages and buy-to-let mortgages to help winning bidders refinance their auction purchases for the long term.

Flexible, common-sense approach

Together looks at the people behind the numbers – whether you're applying as an individual or a business. Because you're more than a credit score or bank balance.

Not only that, but they understand that many of the properties available at auction are there precisely because they can be difficult to secure finance on. So are happy to arrange funding for the vast majority of lots that are available.


  • Commercial and semi-commercial properties.
  • Land with or without planning permission or agricultural restrictions.
  • Tenanted properties.
  • Properties currently deemed 'uninhabitable'.
  • Non-standard construction and other unusual properties.
  • High-rise flats.
  • Ex-council properties.

* Other fees and charges apply. The actual rate and maximum loan-to-value ratio offered may vary based on the property and your personal circumstances.

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