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Phillip Arnold Auctions Now Offer Internet Bidding As Part Of Their Remote Bidding Service


Assisted by Essential Information Group, we launched internet bidding at our auction on 24th February 2017. Up until a few days prior to auction we didn’t think we would get a chance to see how it works, but then we had four people sign up and one of them very actively took part in the room on the day. The system is very effective and works very much like a telephone bid. Once the client is registered via the EIG portal, they can see the bidding increments from the room on the day, just like e-bay, and hear the Auctioneer speaking. They can then click if they wish to bid. The Auctioneer has a screen right next to him so that he can see quite clearly if a client is about to bid or has bid, but to ensure full participation, a staff member - assigned to internet only - announces any bids to the room in the same manner as telephone bids.

Our very first user, Ian Southworth from Knutsford, who was bidding on a property offered by the Government Legal Department in Macclesfield, said the on-line service was "very easy to use, just like any other on-line bidding service". His only regret was missing out on the property and not having an opportunity to participate in buying another through this route, something that can easily be done in the room... It is true that as things stand currently, you have to register for each individual property that you are interested in.

However, food for thought - we will be looking into this right away - watch this space!

Click here to find information about remote bidding for our auctions.