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Phillip Arnold Auctions at MIPIM UK, Olympia, 21-23 October 2015


To assist in the launch of our new brand name, we took a stand at the MIPIM UK event at Olympia this year.  More commonly known as a significant property in the South of France, this was the 2nd event for MIPIM UK in London. Not having any previous knowledge of what to expect it turned out to be an extremely interesting exercise, and a great way to raise our profile. It was a fascinating snap shot into the current property world and quite an eye opener to see the range of diverse organisations that are linked to it. The people that stopped by the stand were all people who love property and all wanted to exchange ideas. We are now in touch with a number of people with whom we hope to develop new services and new methods of working. 2016 is looking very exciting indeed!

If you would like a copy of our Marketing Brochure given out on the day then please e-mail us with your postal address:

Ps: There were a number of guest appearances at the event, notably Rio Ferdinand. Although he didn't unfortunately stop by our stand, he was close enough for a sneaky photo!